About us

Technoplat is a global platform established to incubate and grow tech-based start-ups. Our focus is to strengthen the UK, Asia and Middle East North Africa corridor, by mentoring start-ups and talent, and helping them drive innovation across key tech sectors.

Having first launched in Singapore in 2017 as a tech advocacy firm with over 350 members, we have built strong relationships with government agencies like NTUC, Singapore as well UK-based firms and networks like Global Tech Advocates. During this phase, we were heavily focused on the Startup ecosystem and promoting the UK as ‘great place for entrepreneurs’, in conjunction with the British government’s Department for International Trade in Singapore. Members of the organization include C-suite professionals in fintech, banks, health-tech and the media industry.

We have now extended this to the next phase of Technoplat, which provides a holistic approach to driving the incubation, innovation and growth of tech-based start-ups. Through both physical and digital spaces, we have developed a complete package to stimulate growth, consisting of:

  • Interim financial support
  • Identifying and enabling first reference customer(s)
  • Investor-readiness preparation
  • Access to global investor networks
  • Supporting in fund raising and early organisational ramp up with shared services.
  • Specialist support to define and refine organizational roadmaps and scale up